A great supplement and complement to the Power Speech!

An unusual experience for your colleagues,
the chess simul (simultaneous game session)!

What does a simul (simultaneous game) look like and what does it consist of?

I usually play on 10 chessboards at the same time, and the game involves not only the players, but also spectators who suggest to their colleagues what move to make.

The group interaction allows ALL those playing as well as those watching the chess games at any given time to be involved. Trying to beat me as the simul leader forces the participants to think and act together.

A chess simul is a simultaneous game performance and a chess match that will show the participants:

How to anticipate your
competitor’s moves
and plan your own

Why a strategy has to
have a long-term impact
and its implementation

How to make fast,
WISE decisions.

How to deal with
several projects
at the same time.

Simul, is a demonstration of applied business skills. Anticipate, strategize, make decisions.

Sense the intentions of your clients and market trends. Choose the right strategy and act! Creating the right plan is the way to complete success.