Customer Opinions

Customer feedback about Michal Kanarkiewicz.

The best way to talk about how I help companies is through the voice of people with whom I have had the pleasure of working. I feel moved every time I receive such recommendations and I am very grateful for them.

I sincerely recommend Mr Michał Kanarkiewicz, who conducted a workshop for us on strategic thinking through the practical use of elements of chess.

In an inspiring way, he conveyed the translation of chess principles into business effectiveness. His impressive factual knowledge was a source of inspiration for the participants.

I recommend Mr Michał to any company that would like to gain a competitive advantage by improving its managers.

Marta Wojtera
Head of Global Center, Volvo Group

The presentation was conducted with due diligence.

The trainer's very good preparation, his professionalism, energy and communication skills were appreciated by every participant of the meeting. The interpersonal skills, commitment and partnership manner in which the talk was conducted deserve a special mention.

Michał Miczajka
Head of Credit Platforms Department, ING Bank Śląski

Michał's lecture was very inspiring and met with great interest.

Michał's lecture was very inspiring and met with great interest. Michał's presentation was a great inspiration for further work on strategy. On the one hand, it set out some theoretical concepts, while on the other hand, it unleashed the creativity and enthusiasm of the meeting participants, and some phrases, such as "firefighting strategy", entered the company jargon and are still used today.

Lidia Świderska
HR Director, L' Oréal

Our expectations have been fully met and we are pleased to recommend Mr Michał Kanarkiewicz as a trustworthy professional.

Michał is characterised by substantial knowledge in the subject he presents. The workshop he conducted was attractive to participants and the content he presented was coherent and understandable for everyone.

Jan Kasprzycki-Rosikoń
Crowdfunding Team Leader

I recommend the company Kanarkiewicz Strategy Consulting Michał Kanarkiewicz as a professional organiser of training on strategic thinking.

The workshop was conducted by Mr Michał Kanarkiewicz in an interesting and engaging way for the participants. In addition to theory and exercises, practical application was discussed. The training was professional, tailored to the specifics and needs of the participants, thus meeting our objectives and expectations completely.

Michał Zwyrtek
Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers Polska Sp. z o.o. sp. k.

Our expectations were fully realised, and we are pleased to recommend Michal as a talented and trustworthy speaker.

The chess-business-themed speech was professionally prepared, polished, thoughtful and tailored to the needs of our conference. In an inspiring way, Mr Kanarkiewicz demonstrated how chess principles can be translated into business effectiveness and the improvement of strategic thinking skills.w inspirujący sposób pokazał przełożenie reguł gry w szachy na skuteczność w biznesie i na doskonalenie umiejętności strategicznego myślenia.

Jacek Kolasiński
Marketing Communication Department, Bank Millennium

Play chess with Michał and you will learn strategic thinking, especially in business.

I have performed with Michal on the same stage and I can confidently say that Michal is not only a great speaker but also a great strategist!

Jakub B. Bączek
Mental Coach of World Champions and Olympians

Strategic thinking is a skill that like few other competences allows you to gain an advantage, not only in business, but in life in general.

Is it possible to teach strategic thinking in an interesting, engaging, light-hearted and, above all, effective way? You can if you are a person with as much passion and commitment as Michal. His speeches not only inspire, but also give you ready-made techniques and tools to improve your strategic thinking, decision-making and problem-solving skills every day.

Sylwia Królikowska
Business coach, CEO of Van Dahlen Group Sp. z o. o.

Michal Kanarkiewicz? A guy who has an iron will. He is simply unmovable. Someone who pursues one of the most beautiful missions of making the world a more thoughtful, strategic place.

Always perfectly prepared, he is a guarantee that your time with him will be a sophisticated intellectual journey into the unknown. He is definitely worth trusting. He is a graduate of Word Class Speaker II level, the most prestigious school of speakers in Poland.

I strongly recommend this genius!

Łukasz Milewski
CEO of Milewski & Partners, outstanding strategist and creator of the biggest events in Poland