How can strategic thinking prevent fires in your business?

Hi, my name is Michal Kanarkiewicz. Give me five minutes and I'll introduce you to eight training programs that will increase your team's effectiveness and job satisfaction.

It's high time to implement the schemes of the best chess players in your business... It's time to learn strategic thinking!

Strategic thinking is very important. When I talk to my training participants, they often admit to me some secrets. For example, it turns out that most the time, employees only plan their activities a maximum of one day in advance. It so happens that they spend the whole day writing emails, when they could be doing things that would bring them much better financial results, such as sales calls.

This means that:

They operate in chaos
and under the influence of

They do not see the big picture

They do not have a clear
vision of what they
are striving for

They do not know WHY
they are doing something

Are constantly
irritated and distracted

Such practices translate into enormous stress, a poor working atmosphere and low productivity.

After all, how can you work calmly when you are constantly putting out smaller or larger fires in your environment? This does not go unnoticed when the financial health of the company is weakened.

I have found a way to do deal with it!

I will teach your employees and managers the winning strategies of the best chess players and teach them to think strategically.

Have you ever found yourself looking at the people in your team and asking yourself:

"Is this person
definitely the right one
for this position?"

"Do they give

Probably YES, but... when they increase their competence to think and act strategically, such questions will never arise in your mind again.



Strategy in business?
Training? A power speech?
You are in the right place.

Strategy and tactics are two dominant concepts in chess. Top earning entrepreneurs unwittingly use strategy in business.

As a motivational and inspirational speaker, I show, how to use them consciously regardless of whether you you have ever played chess.

This is what I teach teams, companies and management boards. Click the video on the left and see me in action.

Training programs available:

Training in effective planning. Participants will learn tools to help with self-organisation, techniques to increase efficiency and methods used to set short-term and long-term goals. FIND OUT MORE
Creative and intuitive problem solving. Participants will learn how to make rational decisions, as well as how to look for alternative solutions in crisis situations.FIND OUT MORE
Strategic thinking is key when making decisions. During the training, participants will learn how to build strategy, manage strategies, and find and exploit flaws in competitors’ plans. FIND OUT MORE
The ability to motivate employees and co-workers is particularly useful in teamwork. During this workshop, participants will learn how to build a strong and cohesive team, as well as how to stay motivated in difficult situations. FIND OUT MORE
Inaccurately explaining strategic goals to an employee can lead to many misunderstandings. In this workshop, participants will learn how to build the company’s strategic objectives, as well as how to explain them and adapt them to the individual. FIND OUT MORE
The process of strategy implementation varies from company to company. In the course of the training, participants will learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of a given strategy, as well as methods for implementing and managing strategies in a company. FIND OUT MORE
The world is changing faster than ever and building business agility in your company is the answer. Participants in this training program will learn how to thoughtfully deviate from old plans to meet changing demands. FIND OUT MORE
Stakeholder management is an important process that brings tangible benefits to a company. Participants will learn how to manage stakeholders and how to build and maintain good relationships with them, as well as how to communicate with them to gain their trust and support. FIND OUT MORE

I provide training in Polish and English.

On-site training.

Training programs can be conducted for any group of participants and the content will be tailored to the needs of a particular role or level in the company.

Each of the listed workshop topics is available for leaders as well as managers, C-Level and company management boards.

Online training.

All training courses for companies can also be delivered online. Online training for companies takes place using professional software.

Online training is the full-fledged equivalent of classroom training and does not contain any simplifications. All tasks (including those requiring group division) can be delivered online.

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